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On board VITALYCA for an incredible adventure in the 'new' tourist destination of the Adriatic Sea;

Montenegro, which despite being a fairly visited country, is still not suffocated by hordes of tourists coming from everywhere and even in high season you can enjoy a holiday in total relaxation.

The ideal destination for those who want to ''truly disconnect''

We will approach ancient Venetian cities, sailing between very high fjords that are reminiscent of distant Norway, very relaxing local atmospheres, and good local food, enriched by the kindness and culture of the Montenegrin people, we will spend a week taking the opportunity to cover the entire coast of Montenegro. Touching around ten splendid cities, many islands, and hidden bays we will feel so enveloped by the union culture-nature that you don't want to go home.

locality of
embarkation and disembarkation


How to get to Dubrovnik

Direct flights from the airports of:
Fiumicino  FCO Vueling flight VY 6736
Venice        VCE flight Easyjet  U2 4043
Naples        NAP flight Easujet  U2 4255

Bergamo    BGY Ryanait flight  FR 5934
possible further available routes not visible at the time of writing this proposal Dec'23

How to fly back to Podgorica

Direct flights from the airports of:
Malpensa MXP Wizzair flight     W4 4902
Fiumicino FCO Montenegro Air MNE 331

possible additional available routes not visible at the time of writing this proposal Dec'23

the VITALYCA team can help you find the right flight


For each arrival at the indicated airports vitalyca has organized the transfer to and from the arrival and departure airports. The transfer is included in the All-Inclusive formula only if carried out on the same embarkation and disembarkation days which always take place on Saturdays. THE

participation methods
All Inclusive formula

As per the contract that we will send at the time of the booking request, the booking is considered confirmed upon payment of the deposit equal to 60% of the full price. Once you have paid the participation fee you will not have to think about anything anymore as it will be our job to relieve you of any tasks or worries. You will only have to think about laughing, doing water activities, participating in maneuvers or taking it easy

reading or why not, lazing around, all day

Ironically, on board VITALYCA,

you could go on holiday

no wallet, but bring it :)

We know well that it is a formula that is rarely offered, but many years of experience on charters have taught us that it is a winning solution and that, to add another drop of comfort to your holidays, we also want to adopt on board VITALYCA.


You can check the features here

of the all-inclusive formula

and, if you have already had some sailing holidays,

you'll notice the difference :)

participation fee in OUR all-inclusive formula 

double cabin for cruising excluding air flights

it is 1350 euros per person

check here



Arrived in Dubrovnik, a fascinating city full of history. We will begin our adventure by exploring the magnificent old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will visit the imposing medieval walls that surround the old city, offering us a spectacular view of the city and the Adriatic Seaor. Strolling we walk along the suggestive stone-paved streets and admire the splendid Renaissance buildings, churches, and fountains.

After the (wonderful) visit we will finally board VITALYCA we will begin sailing towards the enchanting Lokrum Island inhabited by peacocks and rabbits, offering nature trails in a very well-kept landscaped environment.

Located a short distance from the coast of Dubrovnik, it is a true natural paradise. Hidden paths and botanical gardens create a surreal atmosphere. A dip in the crystal clear waters of its splendid coves and we prepare for the night at anchor, enjoying the peace and serenity of the sea. A dinner all together admiring our first sunset on the Dalmatian coast. 

During navigation, we will stop at the small archipelago of Vjesala where the first dive of our holiday awaits us.

Giorno 2 MOLUNAT

Departure from Lokrum to old Ragusa.

In the morning, we will spend a relaxing day, stopping at the different beaches we encounter along our route I know. Suddenly we will sail surrounded by crystal clear waters and golden beaches and, using your time as you prefer in the while we prepare something good to eat on board.

After lunch, we will head south to reach the Kator Fjord, but not before making a couple of short stops. Before arriving in old Ragusa, we will briefly stop at Pasjaca Beach. Hidden and nestled between the cliffs, it delivers incredible natural beauty. We can take a walk along the panoramic paths that climb up from the beach and enjoy the view.

Next, we will make a stop in Molunat Bay. Here we will be able to swim in the transparent waters and discover the fascinating seabed with fins and masks provided on board. We will also have the opportunity to explore the quaint fishing village and taste local delicacies, such as freshly caught fish or farmed oysters and shellfish

After this taste of Montenegrin coasts, we will enter the fjord and spend our night in the marina. This will offer us a pleasant opportunity to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord from land and disembark to visit the town center and why not, a nice aperitif at sunset.


The exploration of the fjord begins in Herceg Novi (in Italian Castelnovo), a beautiful city located at the mouth of the Boka Kotor fjord. After visiting the city and admiring its fascinating architecture, we will board our sailing boat to continue sailing along the fjord.

Boka Kotorska is one of the most beautiful fjords in the Mediterranean, famous for its natural beauty and cultural richness. During our navigation, we will cross the narrow sea passage admiring the mountains that rise above the crystal clear waters of the fjord. Along the way, scattered along the coast, we will be able to spot small fishing villages, secluded bays, and medieval castles.

Once past the Boka Kotorska Bay, we will have the opportunity to decide where to moor for the night. We could choose one of the charming coastal towns along the route, such as Perast or Tivat, or opt for a quiet bay where we can enjoy the views and relax aboard the boat. We will decide it together on board

The experience of mooring for the night in one of these enchanting places will allow us to completely immerse ourselves in the magical atmosphere of the Montenegrin coast. We will be able to enjoy a delicious dinner on board or decide to discover the local restaurants, savoring the typical delicacies of the region. In the evening, we will only have starry skies and the tranquility of the sea, which lull us as we prepare for the next day's adventures.


After a visit to Resino, we will embark in Tivat for a day trip to Kotor. Our adventure will begin by exploring the historic center of Tivat, a charming city located on the coast of Montenegro. We will admire the fascinating palaces and churches that reflect the baroque and neoclassical architecture of the Venetian era.

Next, we will head to Kotor, one of the gems of the Montenegrin coast. This fascinating fortified city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its medieval walls and historic center full of churches, palaces, and atmospheric squares. We will stroll through the stone-paved streets, admiring the unique mix of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Roman architecture

During the excursion to Kotor, we have the opportunity to climb up to the St. John's Fortress, located on the hill above the city. This walk panoramic will offer us a spectacular view of the Boka Kotor fjord and the city below. We will be able to admire the imposing wall system that surrounds Kotor and enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire region. It would be an excursion not to be missed

After a day full of discoveries and adventures in Kotor, we will (surely tired) return to Tivat and enjoy a relaxing evening on our boat.

It will be the perfect time to reflect on the day's experiences and prepare for our fifth day.


After an enchanting night in the picturesque Tivat Bay, we will resume sailing to exit the fjord and enter the blue Adriatic Sea again, heading south. During our trip, we will have the opportunity to visit two incredible seaside stops: the suggestive bay of Lustica and the splendid beach of Plaza Zukovica.


These enchanting places offer pure white beaches and crystal clear waters, creating the perfect environment for swimming, sunbathing,  and enjoying an atmosphere of absolute relaxation and tranquility. We will choose together the one we like best and we will moor in the harbor for a good lunch and a few hours of relaxation

After enjoying the natural beauty of these bays, we will continue our journey until we reach the wonderful Buda. This charming coastal place will welcome us with its charm and authenticity.


Imagine, on a late summer afternoon, walking through the ancient streets of Buda, admiring the typical stone houses, the colorful fishing boats, and the little restaurants overlooking the sea. The feeling of peace and serenity that you breathe here is ideal for relaxing and fully enjoying the magic of this trip and starting to plan the next one.

pexels-fatjon-kapllanaj-526341601-19694556 montenegro_edited.jpg


Unfortunately,  there are only two days left and it's already almost time to say goodbye,  During the last days of our journey, we will visit the Isthmus of Santo Stefano, where we will conclude the navigation with Vitalyca.

From the town, we will enjoy a private transfer as we head towards Virpazar, where we will board a charming private boat to visit the Scutari Park. 


Scutari Park is one of Montenegro's natural wonders, with its vast lake and rich biodiversity. We will explore the park by boat, admiring the beauty of its waters covered with lush aquatic vegetation and the biodiversity of the avifauna that populate this enchantment. We will be able to spot different species of birds, including pelicans, flamingos, and hawks. A great opportunity for lovers of wildlife and nature photography..

After visiting the park, we will head to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, where we will catch the return flight. Along the way, we will be able to reflect on the wonderful adventures and discoveries we experienced during our sailing trip to Montenegro and share the highlights of the holiday.

It will be an unforgettable experience, full of breathtaking landscapes, fascinating culture, and moments of total relaxation. We will carry with us the memories of this adventure, enjoying the unique atmosphere of Montenegro and dreaming of returning one day to relive the great emotions that this country, unlike others, can give.

Although September is statistically an exceptional month for visiting the lower Adriatic, the travel program that we have built in detail, like any sailing trip, is sensitive to variations based on weather conditions which

obviously, we cannot predict except in a short time. advance.

In this case, the crew, after a careful analysis of current and future weather conditions, in agreement with the guests,

will do everything possible to limit the changes by proposing alternative stages and activities if necessary.

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