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Here we are, sailors. Off the moorings!!!

You are ready to weigh anchor and experience unforgettable adventures. The summer season is upon us.


We, like every January, have dedicated time and effort to carefully plan the routes of our cruises, which will take us through the evocative scenery of the south-eastern Adriatic.

From June 29th to late autumn, our crew will sail inch by inch along the crystal clear waters of this fascinating and uncontaminated marine area.


By clicking on each cruise on our website, you will be able to discover detailed descriptions of the adventures that await you.

VITALYCA will set sail from Termoli on June 29th to start the season with a full tour of the Adriatic. As highlighted by the nautical maps, our itinerary will pass through five countries and touch fifty cities, reflecting the theme of the season: 


"5 countries x 50 cities"

During this long sailing south, we will explore the beauties of Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Ionian Greece,

finally returning to Italy in October, when we reach Leuca.


Each week will be unique, characterized by different itineraries and most of the cruises will be conducted in one-way mode.


This means that embarkation and disembarkation will not coincide, allowing us to expand our range of action and visit more places than on a normal sailing holiday starting and arriving in the same place.

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