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The restoration works, or rather, the reconstruction

of the interiorI ambegin mid-July 2023

a very muggy Wednesday morning

a team of 'motivated' people dismasted her and took her to the construction site

in the port area of San Benedetto del Tronto.

There was such enthusiasm to get involved

that the work began the same day.

Oh yes, everyone at work.

3 months have now passed and the boat is already unrecognizable.

I can't believe my eyes.

Emidio Giammarco and all the magical crew are

giving THE MAXIMUM to respect the scheduled times while avoiding unexpected events.

As visible in page where we tell the episode of the fire on board,

the amount of work to be done is impressive, but those guys, as I said above,

they are highly 'motivated'. On this page you will find photos and videos

which we toured documenting all the restoration works.

Divided into episodes, we describe step by step

what we did to bring the boat back to its splendor.

They are all also published on our YouTube channel.

The first time you visit our YouTube channel, subscribe immediately.

An official invitation to the launch is valid.

In spring ;-)

as it was before the fire







interior bow cabin


the owner's cabin

as we found it on the night of July 17th

WhatsApp image 2023-08-21 at 16.55.43.jpg


bad scene

interior burnt


everything burned

WhatsApp image 2023-08-21 at 16.55.40.jpg


anything below deck is to be thrown away

see the full gallery dthe fire

off to work exactly 1 year 1 month 1 day after those fire


let's dismantle the boom

yes it must be done first



it seems light


and voilà...

pready to spend the winter making herself beautiful

on board and in the carpentry

The Di Girolamo family, as well as co-owners of VITALYCA, have been involved in naval carpentry for generations.

The boat is in the hands and ingenuity of some of the best in Italy. Something more than 'mastersaxe'.

note....The images you see are from the first days of processing and restoration.

As of today (we will upload more photos soon), the work has progressed a lot and we are almost ready to put her back in the water.

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