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In the early hours of July 17, 2022, a sudden fire engulfed the Vitalyca boat, leaving it in a state of complete devastation. However, this unfortunate incident presented an opportunity to acquire the vessel at an affordable price.

The extensive work required for restoration now lies ahead.

Let's delve into the recovery process and the unwavering determination of the team working below deck to meet tight deadlines.

The fire, triggered by a short circuit, ravaged the boat's interiors

consuming the woodwork, flooring, doors, instruments, and everything below deck, before any firefighting measures could be taken.

Although the damage was limited to the interior, with melted porthole sheaths and blackened windows, the fire did not spread to the exterior.

This spared the boat from any structural harm.

However, the charred interiors depicted in the accompanying photographs

paint a desolate picture.

The unfortunate incident presented us with the opportunity to acquire the boat at a remarkably affordable price, albeit with certain reservations. As you can see from the photos, every interior component must be disassembled, either discarded or meticulously cleaned. The restoration team is tirelessly dedicated to meeting the tight restoration deadlines. However, the path ahead is arduous, requiring unwavering focus and intuition to anticipate any unforeseen events that may impede progress.

Conclusion: From this devastating fire, a new challenge emerges—the reconstruction of the Vitalyca. Our team of professionals is working tirelessly to restore the boat to its former glory, employing their expertise and commitment. Despite the hurdles we face, our determination remains steadfast. Join us on this extraordinary journey of resilience and rebirth.

In mid-August the boat entered the construction site and our crew is giving its all for this project which has a very ambitious future. Vitalyca is preparing for the tour of the Mediterranean that you are undertaking in 2026 if you follow the route you will find further on.

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