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Welcome to the dock

VITALYCA is undergoing renovation and the complete renovation of the interior will be completed in a few days, but systems and finishes will keep us busy until the end of April to see the day of its launch in San Benedetto around mid-May 2024

Do you want to participate in the launch?

VITALYCA will live a new life, hence the origin of the name. Can't attend this event? I understand you, I don't either.

Throw a bottle into the sea with launch written on it, we will keep you updated on the set date.

Each participant can win an entire weekend on board with us. We are waiting for you


Help the VITALYCA crew

Nothing unexpected, we knew that. The costs of repairing rather than refurbishing VITALYCA are very high.

By extending the time and working at night we can easily do it with our own hands and our own means, but if you want, in some way, to help us would be an immense pleasure and we will be, trust me, nautically very grateful.

You have two ways to do this. If you are a nautical carpenter or an experienced carpenter, you can call and come to the shipyard with us in exchange for some 'trips' above the sea. If not, you can make a small donation  at this link or buy something from ours store and in addition to contributing to this family project you will have the opportunity to come on board with us. 


benvenuto a bordo

buon vento e a presto

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