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FAMILY CRUISE by VITALYCA takes your children to their sea baptism.

Vitalya offers a navigation FORMAT designed specifically for families who want to introduce their children to life 'above the sea'
Family Cruise is an experience that, for understandable reasons, few charter companies organize and offer in their offers.

As you will discover in the detailed information we will send you,
the crew that 'manages' the FAMILY CRUISE experience is trained in the management and organization of sailing holidays with children on board.
In fact, the 'journey', planned differently from the usual cruise for adults, is tailor-made for the younger ones who will be the real protagonists of this adventure while the parents and the crew will act as vigilant extras.

Upon returning, in addition to the fantastic memories of places, people, food, and games, as well as new skills, the experience will increase their aquatic skills, respect for the sea, and the good rules of coexistence on board which will also be reflected once they return to Earth). They will learn, with didactics created for the youngest, knots, notions of navigation, mooring, methoereology, and everything 'nautically' educational that our crew will find most engaging to transmit
depending on the type of kids he will have on board.

I, like many, know the sea well and the effect it has when 'visiting it from above',
I consider it an experience that I would almost make obligatory
for their children... for kids in general.

In Northern Europe (in saltwater or freshwater coastal cities)
it is a widespread practice to teach sailing at a very early age.
In Poland, sailing is part of physical education during the summer months
already at a very early school age.
Navigation is much more than the physical education we know,
whether done well or poorly, it has its limits. 
Our school system, unfortunately, even for those who study nearby
of navigable waters, certainly does not include sailing lessons
or afternoons at sea to discover curiosities, secrets, and dangers.

We are waiting for the institutions to bring our children to experience the 'sea from above',
and they will never see the sea 'from above', losing the opportunity to learn
to respect it and spread the message received during his experience.

We at VITALYCA would do it for free.
Now that I think about it... and I say it, I stand corrected.
We wouldn't do it but

Well, if you've come this far you probably have children or grandchildren who you would like to experience this holiday on the water full of educational ideas.

Click here Below, answer three questions and we'll send you our best quote for your customized FAMILY CRUISE.

Don't be afraid, if you were thinking of a holiday of this type,
you can't find better.


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