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Sailing destinations 2024

four nations, one hundred cities


VITALYCA in its sailing program for 2024

gives priority to the exploration of the splendid and very lively, coasts of Albania and the wild and not yet reached by tourism of the small state of Montenegro. 

We will also visit the big archipelago  in south Croatia, the Tremiti Islands some Greek Adriatic islands as

Lefkada, Itaka, Cefalonia, Zante and Paxos

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the embarkation dates for VITALYCA experiential cruises

July ends early and the already mid-August climate takes us southwards, along the splendid and vibrant coasts of Albania.

Nightlife...Good vibes.

Back and forth from Corfu Saranda

for an August of party.

The nights of partying in Saranda are over

let's go enjoy the end of the season

in Ionian Greece where we still have 4 weeks of sailing ahead of us

which we will exploit in the wonderful seas of Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Itaka, Zante, Paxos...going as far as Patras and Lepanto before closing the season and bringing VITALYCA home


A visit to Montenegro awaits us, one of the smallest countries in Europe which offers its visitors by sea more than 100 km of coastline with deep fjords, crystal clear beaches and large bays of blue water, Venetian cities, castles and monasteries.

The Montenegrin coasts, in fact, are a symphony of spectacular landscapes and cities steeped in history that literally reveal themselves as a hidden treasure to visitors coming from the sea.

Herceg Novi presents itself with its citrus scent and the antiquity of its walls, an elegant start to your navigation. The city, embraced by the waves of the Adriatic Sea, offers a mix of medieval architecture and lush gardens, creating a timeless setting.

The coast continues to picturesque Perast, where cliffs stand as silent guardians of history. Between baroque churches and bell towers, every corner of Perast tells stories of ancient legends and maritime traditions, like yellowed pages of a novel from times gone by.

In Tivat Bay, modernity meets tradition. Porto Montenegro's marina, a design jewel, blends harmoniously with the city's vibrant cultural and culinary scene. Evenings spent on the seafront, with the horizon tinged with warm shades, become an experience of pure enchantment.

The highlight of the adventure is the Kotor Fjord, a natural paradise surrounded by majestic mountains. As the boat gets closer, the rock walls open up revealing the magnificence of the bay. Kotor, with its medieval streets and fairytale town atmosphere, is an ode to history that merges with nature in a fascinating dance.

Risan, with its ancient ruins, is another piece of Roman history that emerges from the waves. Sailing along this coast is a journey through the centuries, among breathtaking views and cities that guard ancient secrets.

Sailing on the coasts of Montenegro is an invitation to explore the wild and untouched beauty, where the past and the present merge in a timeless embrace.


Let yourself be transported by the essence of this land, where each anchorage is a pause in the frenetic pace of daily life, an opportunity to embrace the magnificence of an unparalleled marine journey.



In the northern region of Albania, where the upper Ionian Sea welcomes sailors with its calm waters and wild coastal lagoons, we will see the unfolding of the first week of this series of cruises in Albania which will see VITALYCA sailing in this country throughout the month of August.


The beaches along this first stretch of coast, alternating with natural reserves rich in birdlife and biodiversity that we will partly visit, offer an unparalleled sea/nature combo. The historic cities of northern Albania, such as Scutari and Durres, offer a dive into Albanian history and culture. Scutari, with its fortress overlooking the city and the lake of the same name, is permeated with flavors of the past, you can still breathe the medieval atmosphere.


Durres, however, with its Roman ruins and lively seafront, will allow you to immerse yourself in local daily life, savoring authenticity, tradition and local cuisine. We will find a different 'environment' in the weeks to come where we will participate in the vibrant nights of the southern coastal cities.


After the first cruise in the north of Albania, we will sail, on several occasions, the stretch of coast that bathes the south of the country from TONGO ISLAND to PORTO PALERMO passing through KSAMIL and SARANDA, on the way back we will visit the north of CORFU'

The convenient Corfu airport well connected to Italy will be our embarkation/disembarkation hub for cruises in Albania.

A week of sailing in this country offers visitors who explore it by sea the most beautiful bays of the lower Adriatic and a vibrant nightlife especially in August. It therefore goes without saying that this itinerary is ideal for those who want to have fun and make the most of the festive atmosphere of the 'vibrant' SARANDA, but one thing certainly does not exclude the other. Whether we go out to dance or have fun in the village more than one evening (going out is obviously optional), we will have plenty of time to sail, lounge on the beach and live our week of pure sea as we see fit.

Combining nightlife, life on board and different activities, we have created a very complete itinerary for you that allows us to get to know, even with guided excursions on land, about 100 miles of coastline; cities, fishing villages, hidden coves, sunny beaches, sea caves and magnificent's all perfect.


How many times while looking at the sea from a crowded beach or a coastal road have you seen a sailboat cut the horizon and wondered...


Why aren't they on board?

Maybe the time has come, don't you think?



The Tremiti Islands are the only Italian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea and are located about 12 miles off the coast of the Gargano, in the far north of the Puglia region.

Also known as Diomedee, the Tremiti represent a small corner of paradise that attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to the clear sea, the clean seabed, the pleasant climate, the pure air, the lush vegetation, the still wild and uncontaminated nature, the bays and headlands, low and sandy coasts, but also high and rocky with cliffs overlooking the sea.

Between a dip in crystal clear waters and a sunbath in one of the many romantic coves there is so much to choose from. It seems like an exotic destination. Looking at the transparencies of the seabed, with shades of light green, blue and turquoise, you almost don't believe that it is the Adriatic Sea.

The archipelago is made up of five islands: San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa.

San Domino, the largest island, is the most beautiful from a landscape and naturalistic point of view, covered as it is by a forest of Aleppo pines, so much so that it was once called the Garden of Paradise by the Benedictine monks. Around the island we find the Bue Marino cave, the Viole cave, the Rondinelle cave, all of which can be visited by boat.

San Nicola, considered an open-air museum, very rich in monuments, is testimony to the history of the islands: towers, imposing fortifications, walls, churches and cloisters of a fortress-abbey, Santa Maria a Mare, which is of significant historical and artistic interest .

Capraia has no trees or buildings,

but it is covered with grasses and flowers.

Cretaccio, little more than a rock, is a natural bridge between San Domino and San Nicola and for some time it was actually the "pillar" of a mighty wooden bridge that connected the two largest islands.

Pianosa, located about twenty kilometers north-east of the island of Capraia, is an island in itself, even if it administratively falls within the municipality of the Tremiti Islands. It constitutes an integral reserve of the Marine Park. The archipelago is characterized by small inlets and coves, some very well-known, such as Cala delle Arene, the only small beach of a certain size, Cala Matano, Cala degli Inglesi, Cala Tamariello, from which there is direct access to the sea and where it is possible the mooring of small boats, Cala Tonda, which forms a charming lake.



The enchanting waters of the eastern Adriatic, where paradise merges with the thousand-year-old culture of the Croatian coastal cities. The Kornati Islands Park stands out as a hidden gem, an ode to the natural beauty and limitless adventure that only the sea can offer.

The Adriatic Sea, kissed by the sun and cradled by the salty breeze, opens up before you like an immense blue canvas, punctuated by the marvelous Kornati Islands.


These Mediterranean jewels offer breathtaking landscapes, with hidden coves and crystal-clear waters reflecting the blue skies above.

Sailing between these islands is a unique experience, a journey through the enchantment of sandy beaches, isolated coves and quiet bays where you can anchor and immerse yourself in the serenity and silence of an uncontaminated environment.

The Croatian coast, with its historic cities such as Šibenik and Split, is a journey through time through centuries of culture and tradition. Šibenik, with its Gothic cathedral and labyrinth of medieval streets, enchants visitors with its timeless charm while a walk in Split takes us back in time; with its Diocletian's Palace and the lively seafront. These cities exude history and vitality. Each is a different story, from bygone eras

A fascinating mix of ancient architecture and vibrant contemporary atmosphere.

But it is the Croatian people who make this trip truly unforgettable.

Hospitality here is an innate virtue, a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation. You will feel welcomed with open arms, immersed in the affection of a culture that loves to share its history, its cuisine and its passion for life.

Local sailors will guide you through the best-kept secrets of Croatian waters, ensuring that your trip is full of authentic discoveries and unforgettable moments.

The enchanting villages on the islands will cross your path with relaxed atmospheres and authentic encounters.


Each island has its own soul, from lively markets to seaside taverns, offering you a taste of Croatian life away from the daily hustle and bustle.
Sailing in the Adriatic is a symphony of tranquility.

The sound of the wind in the sails,

the gentle rocking of the waves and the sight of turquoise waters stretching to the horizon create an atmosphere of serenity and harmony.

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