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6 13 JULY
Combo Cruise 2024

On board VITALYCA for a super exciting adventure as the crossing of the Adriatic Sea cannot fail to be, which thanks to the landings on the islands of Pianosa and Pelagosa we will be able to 'break up', making our journey also relaxing, fun and accessible to everyone. Once we have passed the territorial waters we will spend the rest of the week on Croatian soil, ending our trip in magical Dubrovnik, well connected with direct flights (see box) to many Italian airports.


Fiumicino  FCO volo Vueling VY 6736

Fiumicino  FCO volo Ryanair FR 5975 
Venezia      VCE volo Easyjet  U2 4043
Napoli        NAP volo Easyjet  U2 4255

Bergamo   BGY volo Ryanair  FR 5934

How to get to Dubrovnik
Direct flights from the airports of

il team di VITALYCA può aiutarti a trovare il giusto volo


For each arrival at the indicated airports, the vitalyca team organized transfers to and from

the arrival and departure airport.

 The transfer is included in the All-Inclusive formula only if carried out on the same embarkation and disembarkation days which always take place on Saturdays.

Included transfers are exclusively

to and from the airport.​

If, for any reason, it is not possible to use a transfer service

we will use taxis from local companies


Boarding in Termoli

Saturday 29 June

Landing in Termoli

Saturday 6 July

participation methods
All Inclusive formula

In fact, once you have paid the participation fee, don't think about anything anymore. You'll just have to laugh, do activities, or take it easy reading all day.

Ironically,  VITALYCA,

you could go on a vacation without a wallet.

We know well that it is a formula that is rarely offered, but many years of experience on charters have taught us that it is a winning solution and that, to add another drop of comfort to your holidays, we also want to adopt on board VITALYCA.


you can check here features

of the formula all-inclusive

and, if you have already had some sailing holidays,

you'll notice the difference :)

participation fee in OUR all-inclusive formula 

double cabin for cruising excluding air flights

it is 1380 euros per person

check here

The Tremiti islands

Loved by Lucio Dalla who had chosen them as his refuge of peace and inspiration, they owe their name to the "tremor" that seems to have generated them. Known in ancient times as the Diomedee Islands (because they were the creation and burial place of the Achaean hero), the texts speak of a single island, then of two and, finally, of three with Virgil. The Tremiti Islands were therefore born from a series of earthquakes that occurred in different eras. Medieval history tells of a first single inhabitant who retired to a contemplative life and to whom the Madonna appeared: revealing to him the hiding place of a treasure, she ordered him to build a temple for her. The Church of Santa Maria a Mare, on the island of San Nicola, seems to be its extension.


DAY 1 Termoli San Domino

DAY 1 Termoli San Domino

Our trip starts early, with the aim of making the most of every moment of this special holiday together with you at 8am so the boat will be ready to set sail; if you have the chance, we advise you to reach the pretty town of Termoli already on Friday evening, in 3.40/5.20 hours by train from Bologna with the arrows or perhaps the intercity night train €36/75. After boarding, time to settle in, a short briefing and we finally cast off the moorings.

Let's go.


Approaching the archipelago in mid-morning, the first island we encounter will be San Domino, the largest of the 5 which welcomes us with the splendid view of its majestic lighthouse, our short crossing is over and we can begin the coastal exploration of the first island of the many islands on this journey.

The first day will be exciting and full of naturalistic attractions (coves, caves, overhangs overlooking the sea and splendid inlets) that the weather will decide in which order to visit.

We will visit as many places as possible, among the most well-known we list, non-exhaustively, Cala degli Inglesi, a literally dream beach, located in the western part of the island, characterized by a suggestive cliff overlooking the sea and very clear water and Cala Matano, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, with very fine white sand and crystal clear water, a true paradise for those who love the uncontaminated sea.

The first warm-up dives build an appetite and in the middle of the day we will find a quiet cove where we can eat some nice fresh fish and perhaps enjoy a short siesta lulled by the roll of our boat.

The Grotta delle Viole can be crossed by boat and takes its name from the colorful flowers that cover the walls in spring and also from the purple reflection of the waters, in which small black and silver fish swim; then there is the Grotta del Bue Marino, an obligatory stop on the tour of the island. A natural rock cavity about 70 meters long and up to 14 meters high where inside there is a small sandy beach perfect for two people. Thanks to the shallow waters and the play of light created by the sun, thanks to the movement of the water, the whole cave takes on an incredible shade of bright blue and the reflections form splendid drawings on the rock. A truly unique experience! There are many other hidden coves and coves that make the island unique, such as Cala delle Arene, which is set in a setting of rare beauty, protected by rock ridges covered in vegetation and can be reached on foot via a shady path. or Cala Tamariello, the natural swimming pool of Cala Tonda or the stony Cala dei Benedettini. Even on land, the island offers various 'gems' to its most curious visitors. the thick vegetation, made up of Mediterranean scrub and Aleppo pines, which covers the island creates a shady "undergrowth" imbued with the inebriating scent of spices and resin, where it is very pleasant and healthy to walk. On land we find the Museo del Mare which displays archaeological and naturalistic finds from the Tremiti, the beautiful path that leads to the Belvedere of San Domino, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tremiti archipelago, a place loved by sunrise and sunset photographers and unmissable for selfie addicts 😊.

We will try to make you visit everything (or almost all) of what is mentioned. Having said that, the day will therefore have been long and we deserve our first dinner on board where we will have time to get to know each other better and plan for the next day.

It's late, everyone in the cabin.

See you tomorrow for breakfast

FARO DI SAN DOMINO ph Paolo Montagna


Departure from Lokrum to old Ragusa.

In the morning, we will spend a relaxing day, stopping at the different beaches we encounter along our route I know. Suddenly we will sail surrounded by crystal clear waters and golden beaches and, using your time as you prefer in the while we prepare something good to eat on board.

After lunch, we will head south to reach the Kator Fjord, but not before making a couple of short stops. Before arriving in old Ragusa, we will briefly stop at Pasjaca Beach. Hidden and nestled between the cliffs, it delivers incredible natural beauty. We can take a walk along the panoramic paths that climb up from the beach and enjoy the view.

Next, we will make a stop in Molunat Bay. Here we will be able to swim in the transparent waters and discover the fascinating seabed with fins and masks provided on board. We will also have the opportunity to explore the quaint fishing village and taste local delicacies, such as freshly caught fish or farmed oysters and shellfish

After this taste of Montenegrin coasts, we will enter the fjord and spend our night in the marina. This will offer us a pleasant opportunity to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord from land and disembark to visit the town center and why not, a nice aperitif at sunset.


After a night in the bay with the incredible view of the illuminated San Nicola (see adjacent photo taken in July 2022), we will resume our navigation  to reach the nearby island of Capraia in the early morning. Said, in less recent times,''the capermaid'''is just a few minutes from San Nicola. We will find a good mooring for a dive and to disembark on land where a short trek awaits us and for those who want a meditation or yoga session.
Whatever happens, we won't stay long and after a brunch (light pre-sailing) to calm the pangs of hunger :-) we head east. The sun and wind will kiss and literally hug us for a dozen miles to our next Island. Small and uncontaminated, it is the furthest of the
tremiti Islands. Almost on the border with territorial waters, Pianosa owes its name to its appearance. It has a height of 15 meters above sea level which gives it a flat or flat appearance. 700 meters long and 250 meters wide, it is surrounded by a pristine sea rich in marine fauna. Unfortunately we find her at the center of a scandal  environmental due to a lot of waste piled up and abandoned inside an old building. This was just over a year ago, we hope to find Pianosa 'in order' during our walk. Today is sailing day. the crossing of the Adriatic is not a transeoceanic but I'm sure it will reserve us wonderful emotions. Leaving little Pianosa, 25 miles await us, which we will cover in 3/4 hours of wonderful navigation. I can't wait, I swear I can smell the sea even from my office in the Emilian plain. :-)
We cross the national borders and finally arrive in Pelagosa which depends on the Croatian municipality of Comisa.
I can imagine that we will arrive in the late afternoon well in time to moor in a sheltered spot and enjoy a wonderful sunset over the sea while eating together, I'm sure, something delicious.
Pelagosa is a beautiful island. Although practically uninhabited, it offers many attractions.



Wake up early sailors, even today we have many beautiful things to do.

After a healthy breakfast, a dip and a quiet trip to the island's imposing lighthouse we set off again to carry out our core mission; being at sea and enjoying the breeze, the waves, the warm sun and the company.

Lunch and off we go to Croatia. As anticipated in the description, this cruise is the wildest that we will undertake this summer since yesterday and until the day after tomorrow we will only encounter very sparsely inhabited islands. We will arrive at the magnificent Susac where another imposing lighthouse stands over this arm of the Adriatic. The colors that await us in the many bays of this island are indescribable. Out of pantone. I invite you to look for some photos of these islands to imagine the atmosphere.

This evening the sunset will reign supreme. Sinking into the sea, the sun will offer us an unprecedented show and then give space to its sister moon and the starry sky that will accompany our evening.

Today we were sailors!

Tomorrow two more magnificent islands await us.

the last two sing then we go to bed.


We wake up in absolute silence at anchor in a bay with turquoise water. We have plenty of time to enjoy these hours in paradise to set sail again. A few miles during which our gaze will get lost looking at the ever-changing and breathtaking panorama. We arrive in LESTOVO (Lagosta) before lunch.

The island is a protected marine national park of incredible beauty. both from land and sea the morphological appearance of this island is impressive.

We find here the first traces of civilization. The island is home to some beautiful resorts and a small bay offers mooring and a couple of restaurants on the west side and the beautiful capital which 'overlooks' the east side of the island from a promontory. We moor at the quay and in twenty minutes on foot we reach the town for a visit and a good aperitif.

Time flies and we're making the most of the day in Lastovo. the crew suggests we take to the sea again and head towards the calm waters of the Pomena Bays on the island of MLJET

Down the anchor and super relaxation. There are also two good restaurants in the village,Who knows, maybe we can dine out in a typical restaurant, what do you think?

Or maybe a Barbeque on a deserted beach :-)

We'll see how we can get through it as best as possible.

What a fantastic evening!!



It's Friday, time flies... if you haven't booked two weeks unfortunately it's almost time to leave us, but it's not over, there are 30 miles to go to Dubrovnik and we will try to make the most of them before arriving at the pearl of the Adriatic. We set off, we leave our corner of paradise promising to return and we prepare to explore the coasts of the large island of MLJET. Depending on the weather conditions we will decide whether to sail the east or west side. In both cases we will find cliffs overlooking the sea which here, in the absence of sand, is already deep near the shore and very rich in fauna. An aquarium.

I am

Leaving Mjlet we see other islands a short distance away. They are the Elaphites. 13 Islands where pollution has never arrived and the blue of the sea is deeper than that of the sky.

The most important are three Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep, the closest to Dubrovnik we should reach by evening. Depending on your flight plan or different post-cruise holiday commitments, we will decide together when to arrive in Dubrovnik with enough time to visit the fabulous historic centre.

I can't wait to return to Dubrovnik. A mix between Venice and Trieste it seems to be built entirely in marble and what an incredible view from the port walls.

The airport is not far away.

See you next year with a wealth of experiences not to be forgotten.

Although September is statistically an exceptional month for visiting the lower Adriatic, the travel program that we have built in detail, like any sailing trip, is sensitive to variations based on weather conditions which

obviously, we cannot predict except in a short time. advance.

In this case, the crew, after a careful analysis of current and future weather conditions, in agreement with the guests,

will do everything possible to limit the changes by proposing alternative stages and activities if necessary.

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