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We are already ready for the 2025 season?

Certainly! Why not? On the contrary.

We have many places to visit and just as many places to return to

Llong-term planning, in this environment,

it was never a mistake.

When 2024 saw us sailing in the lower Adriatic, 2025 will be dedicated to the exploration of slightly more distant seas, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, our Salento, Calabria and Sicily.

Destiny is often uncertain, sometimes the wind takes us where we didn't expect,

but we really want to spend a lot of time on board with you and to be sure that it will go like this,

we are carefully planning the next 24 months.

We will definitely meet in some Mediterranean port

Don't forget to stop and say hello.

This web page is online with the sole objective to take you

to sail con us and to savor and 'experience' the uniqueness of VITALYCA

on board with us.

Are you sure it can't be for 2024?

Enter your email and the best time to organize

your sailing holidays on board VITALYCA

and live an exceptional 'velo-gastronomic' experience.

Richiedo il PDF stampabile con il programma di navigazione
di VITALYCA per la stagione 2025

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